Cracking the Pyjama Code: How Often Should You Really Wash Your PJs?

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Alright, let's get real about something. We all love pyjamas!

They're the buddies we snuggle up with at night and roll out of bed with in the morning.

But here's the head scratcher: how often should we give these comfy companions a good wash?

Buckle up as we dive into the world of pyjama hygiene and find the sweet spot between freshness and chill.

  • To Underwear Or Not To Underwear

    A big debate in itself.

    Do you wear underwear under your pyjamas?

    Do you let it all breathe or hate the idea of not wearing pants with your nightwear?

    If you're not about 'the freedom,' technically this could help in extending the life of your pjs between washes. 

  • Mix & Match for the Win

    Here's a pro tip: build a pyjama squad!

    Having a bunch of pyjama sets in rotation gives each pair enough time to hang out and air out between wears.

    That means less sweat build-up and more time between laundry days.

    It's a win-win for both you and your pyjamas.

  • It's All In The Fabric

    If you are wearing natural fabrics like Tencel or cotton (like we sell at Tessie), these fabrics breathe and are kinder to you and your skin. Unnatural/man made fabrics will make you sweat more and that in turn will then mean you will need to wash your pjs more often. 

Why Hygiene Matters

Picture this: you're catching zzz's 😴 and your body's doing its thing. And what's that? Yes, it's shedding skin cells, sweating a big and leaving faces of oils behind. Now, guess where all that ends up? Yes, you guessed it, on your pyjamas. Before you know it, your cosy loungewear turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and odours. No one wants that, right?? So, washing your pyjamas regularly is key to keeping things clean and comfy.

The Magic Number: 3-4 Wears

Something to keep you up at night: after reading an article in the Guardian, it said that from a study of 2500 people aged 18-30, some of these waited from 13-17 nights between washes!

While you digest that, I can say that nightmare is over as here's the scoop - experts say you should aim to wash your pyjamas every 3-4 times you wear them. This magic number strikes a balance between staying fresh and avoiding the wear and tear that comes from over-washing. It's like giving your pyjamas a breather while keeping them in top-notch shape. And to be honest, from a poll on instagram I conducted (very scientific🔬) and from the magic number, most washed their pjs every 1-3 days.

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Exceptions to the Rule

Life's full of surprises, right? If you're dealing with a nasty cold, sweating buckets, or your immune system's taking a break, don't hesitate to bump up your washing game. Also, when you're not 100%, nothingbeats that new, fresh pyjama feeling. The same goes if you're wearing your pyjamas during the day - I'm looking at you work from homers. You may be wearing a fancy shirt or jersey on top and then you have your printed pyjama bottoms and sheepskin slippers hidden off video call. If this is the case, maybe have day and night pyjamas. This will also help mentally too to separate the two parts of your day. 

Listen Up, Your Body Knows Best

While the 3-4 wear rule is handy, don't forget to listen to what your body's telling you. If you're sweating like you just ran a marathon or your pyjamas have turned into a stink zone, please, please  get your pjs in the washing machine. Trust your intuition!

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Washing Wisdom 101

Firstly, do you wash your self before going to bed? Many do as there's scientific research showing it helps aid sleep and depending on your own body and day job, you just prefer to wash before finally falling to sleep. If you do, this will also keep your pyjamas fresher between wears too.

On a different washing note, by washing your pyjamas after 3-4 wears, it's better for the environment. You also don't need to go overboard with heat when drying as air-drying works well. If you're feeling fancy, you can iron your pjs on a low heat.

Wrap Up: Find Your PJ Groove

Here's the lowdown - the pyjama game is all about balancing hygiene and comfort. While a general rule of thumb is washing every 3-4 wears, your body, your vibe and you situation matter most. Stay chill, stay comfy and give your pyjamas the love they deserve. Happy sleeping!🌙✨

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