Sleep Is Essential For Health

World Sleep Day

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that delay sleep?

Why do we do that? We love sleep and it gives us a sense of calm and relaxation, however, modern life can get in the way of this.

Sleep is essential for health.

Good, quality sleep will do a multitude of things to you including keeping your mood in check.

With such high numbers of people struggling with mental health, sleep is key and sometimes a root cause for how we feel the next day and how we handle colleagues, traffic jams or emails.

I once read somewhere that the word, “depressed,” should be taken as you needing, “deep rest.”

We all know that if you’re in a good mood, a problem seems far simpler to solve!

Improving your psychological well-being should always be at the top of our lists yet in today’s modern world, we have tag lines like, “snooze, you lose,” or, “sleep is for the weak.” These sayings create the illusion that we shouldn’t be turning off and should constantly be ready and if you’re not, then it’s to your detriment, which is bloomin’ crazy! 

Sleep cleans your brain of toxins

Did you know that sleep to your body and brain is akin with your kidneys removing waste from your system? 

Sleep and rest will reduce stress, clean your brain of toxins and physically restore you for the next day for whatever life throws at you. (We hope doughnuts or sourdough bread, as they always make for a good day.) It also has the benefit of keeping your immune system in order; another reason to realise that sleep is a biological necessity.

I can write a million other reasons about the fact it helps maintain a healthy weight, lowers risk of health issues like diabetes and heart disease but I think you get the point, sleep is king (or queen) in our eyes. 

Sleep Hygiene

People always ask for tips and tricks for a good night's sleep but it all starts with sleep hygiene and a good sleep routine.

Firstly, why is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is about keeping your bedroom environment relaxing while keeping a consistent, daily routine of healthy habits that will help you, when finally going to bed and to sleep.

  • Do NOT hit snooze

    By hitting snooze and going back to sleep, you go back into a sleep cycle which should take 75-90 minutes.

    However, you only get 5 minutes of that sleep cycle so you are groggy and it takes about 4 hours for your to snap out of that state.

  • Create a routine

    Your body craves a routine so going to bed and waking up at similar times each day are key.

  • Avoid caffeine after 1pm

    Caffeine is a stimulant so by drinking it into the evening, you will be more alert and less likely to get quality sleep.

    Switch to decaf and your mind will thank you.

  • Get daylight exposure daily

    Whether you work from home or commute, get some sun on your face. I realise the UK isn't known for it's excessive sunshine but even being outside on a cloudy day helps with your circadian rhythm, which in turn encourages quality sleep

  • Avoid screens an hour before bed

    Avoid screens and blue light for a few hours before going to bed. With this, getting into a routine of reading before bed can help you stop endlessly scrolling through Instragram and wondering why you haven't fallen asleep yet.

  • Dull lighting in the evenings

    By dimming your light in the evenings and especially when reading in bed before going to sleep helps your body and brain wind down and understand that it's time to go to sleep.

I think everyone should make small tweaks to their sleep routine and build on it over time. If you try to change too many things at once, you don’t create a habit but just switching to decaf after 1pm everyday or removing your snooze button will make a difference and then you can start looking at other ways you can help yourself and your sleep hygiene too. Little steps make a big difference as a whole because when you feel rested, you can focus on you in the day and try to work out how to be the best version of you.

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