7 Things You May Not Know About Sheepskin | Sheepskin Facts

Tessie Sheepskin Slippers on a boat in Wells next the Sea

At Tessie, we love using natural fibres in our nightwear range and that's why we stock sheepskin slippers. Sheep have been human's best friend (sorry dogs, you too) for thousands of years.
With that in mind and not to pull the wool over your eyes, here's the top 7 reasons ewe may need to add more sheepskin into your daily routine.

( I cannot guarantee that these are the only sheep puns in this article.)

1. Sheepskin naturally regulates your body temperature

Do you naturally run hot or cold? Sheepskin and wool are rather magical as they're very well known for keeping us warm but they also keep us cool too. The hollow fibres in sheepskin make is insulating and keeps your toes toasty in the winter but also creates a cooling effect in the summer and warmer times. This is why sheepskin slippers are your feet's best partner in crime, using this benefit to the max.

2. Sheepskin minimises bacteria

Sometimes people can be a bit sheepish about dirt and bacteria. However, did you know that sheepskin is naturally resistant to mould and dust? The lanolin in sheepskin is a substance similar to what is found in human skin and provides the sheepskin with a self-cleaning quality. That's why your sheepskin slippers are a hygienic option for your toes.

Katie and Carmen playing tic tac toe on the sofa wearing Tessie Confetti pyjamas in black and oat while wearing sheepskin slippers.

3. Sheepskin is naturally orthopaedic

You herd it here first. An amazing benefit of sheepskin is that it can soothe aches and pains. Due to the cushioned support, the sheepskin relieves pressure points, muscle aches and pains while forming a shape around your foot, unique to you. Another reason why I wear my Betty sheepskin slipper boots everyday!

4. Sheepskin is naturally moisture wicking

Now, sheepskin is raising the baa with this one. Sheepskin wicks moisture into the air 7 times faster than synthetic fibres while being able to absorb nearly 30% of it's own weight in moisture, without feeling wet; keeping you, the wearer, warm. No wonder wool is the world's leading animal fibre. 

5. Sheepskin doesn't cause friction against the skin

There's nothing worse than getting new shoes and they rub until you wear them in. Sheepskin will not do this. Wool has a natural protein layer that is smooth, making sheepskin friction-free.

Tessie Clothing Betty Chestnut Brown Sheepskin Slipper Boots

6. Sheepskin is natural and hypoallergenic

Due to its lanolin, sheepskin is ideal for sensitive skin. It's a natural fibre that is free from chemicals so that it's gentle on your skin. Sheepskin is healing too as it can help heal inflamed and irritated skin.

7. Sheepskin is relaxing

When sheepskin is against the body, it activates and stimulates the blood circulation, boosts your immune response and in turn supports regeneration and relaxation in your body. Now that's why sheepskin slippers before hitting the hay are a plus!

Funny sheep sticking it's tongue out in the photo

You can see why Tessie and so many brands like UGG boots, Drapers of Glastonbury, Sheepers, Shepherd of Sweden and many more use sheepskin for their slippers.

Hope you can make ewes of all these sheepskin facts... It was fun wool it lasted. 

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