What is Tencel and How is Tencel Sustainable

Sustainability in Fashion and Clothing Design

So, why Tencel? 

Don't know about you but when I initially heard that Tencel fabric is made from wood pulp, I thought, huh?!

However, I dug deeper as I knew I wanted to use a fabric for our leading Poppy Dog Print, which was sustainable, drapes beautifully and works as a pyjama fabric. Tencel's benefits ticks all of these boxes!

What is Tencel?

Tencel is a branded version of Lyocell, made by Lenzing AG in Austria. Both Tencel and Lyocell are made from wood pulp or otherwise known as cellulose fibres.

Tencel is made mostly from eucalyptus trees, which do not need a lot of maintenance; minimal irrigation, zero pesticides and eucalyptus grows well on land which other plants struggle to.

Tencel is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Tencel vs Cotton

Is Tencel better than cotton?

Cotton has it's own benefits but from a sustainability aspect, Tencel wins hands down.

Tencel is up to 50% more absorbent compared to cotton so it known for it's moistrue wicking benefits. This also leads to Tencel being anti bacterial too.

When growing, Tencel uses far less water and energy than traditional, non-orgnaically grown cotton. 


    Tencel is made form wood pulp & is fully biodegradable.

    It uses far less water and energy to create than cotton.

    There are no harmful chemicals used in the process of making Tencel. 


    Natural breathability and 50% greater moister absorption to cotton.

    Tencel is anti bacterial, reducing body odour.

    Tencel is also a more durable fabric to cotton.


    Gentle on the skin due to it's smooth surface & Tencel is lightweight so drapes beautifully.

    Due to it's soft finish, it makes the Tencel clothing comfortable to wear and for Tessie pyjamas, comfort is key for great sleep.

Benefits of Tencel for Pyjamas

Our Tessie Poppy Dog Pyjamas are made from 100% Tencel. 

As you may has picked up from the rest of the article before now, Tencel has so many eco friendly benefits and none of the greenwashing that some brands seem to do.

Tencel pyjamas are a no-brainer. The Tencel fabric is naturally breathable, anti bacterial to reduce body odour and Tencel is moisture or sweat wicking.  

Also, if Selfridges has heralded Tencel as a 'miracle fabric,' you know something is right!

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